Online Screening for Personality Disorders - New York University School of Medicine Psychiatry

Online Screening for Personality Disorders

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NYU Department of Psychiatry

Distrust and suspiciousness

Bearing grudges

Solitary activities

Indifference to praise or criticism

Strange day dreams or fantasies

Magical thinking influencing behavior

Cruelty to people or animals

Unstable and intense relationships

Feelings of emptiness



Fear of being left to take care of self

Preoccupation with details


Based on the above answer(s), your personality traits might be associated with following personality type(s):

Paranoid Personality

Schizoid Personality

Schizotypal Personality

Borderline Personality

Obsessive Personality

To evaluate this further

Click here for Referral Information at NYU and in the US

Click here for Information on Personality and Personality Disorders from Internet Mental Health

PDS is a screening test that is designed to give a preliminary indication of certain personality traits that might be associated with a personality disorder. It can not replace an evaluation by a psychiatrist to determine the presence or absence of a personality disorder.

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