Eustachian Tube of the Inner Left Ear Catastrophe

Roget’s 21st Century Thesaurus, Third Edition
Main Entry:
Part of Speech:
calamity; unhappy conclusion
accident, adversity, affliction, alluvion, bad luck, bad news*, blow, calamity, casualty, cataclysm, contretemps, crash, culmination, curtains*, debacle, denouement, desolation, devastation, disaster, emergency, end, failure, fatality, fiasco, finale, grief, hardship, havoc, ill, infliction, meltdown, misadventure, mischance, misery, misfortune, mishap, reverse, scourge, stroke, termination, the worst, tragedy, trial, trouble, upshot, waterloo*, wreck
benefit, blessing, favor, good fortune, good luck, happiness, miracle, success, wonder
Roget’s 21st Century Thesaurus, Third Edition by Barbara Ann KipferCopyright © 2008 by the Philip Lief Group.

Above is the synonym of CATASTROPHE for those who would like to know. I am eager to synonimise catastrophe as TROUBLE or UNHAPPY CONCLUSION. Well, you might wonder, what is “Eustachian Tube” first at all? It’s really scientific isn’t it? Yup, it is in fact. A scientific term. I’m currently sick. But I’m not really sure whether this sickness is good or bad. You see, when I’m feeling or experiencing something, in my mind, I will try to relate it to SCIENCE; be it neurology, biology, phisiology, sociology or psychology, I will try to relate all of the incidents/ events in life to Science. (Well, when I have a deep thought over this habit of mind - think science - thing, I have answer that maybe I love the Science subject so much since the primary school and that I was close to my Standard 5 Science teacher that time that I start relate everything to science. And I don’t know whether this habit is good or not. But, I regard it as good as when we are close to science, we are close to Allah, Wallahualam.. I’m not trying to put religious talk here, but I’m giving my own opinion and thoughts towards my habit of trying to relate things with science. For me, as long as we are close to science, we are close to Allah. There are many verses in the Quran about scientific matters and from my view, when we study the Quran, at the same time, we are learning about science. Insya-Allah..

All right, back to our topic of this post. What is EUSTACHIAN TUBE? Study this diagram first and I think you can guess what it is all about.

The Ear Anatomy

So? What do you think?

Based on this anatomy diagram, I’m showing you how do I feel currently. I’m not sure where do I feel the trouble comes, but I could feel it that there is something ’stuck’ in the Eustachian tube. It is as if there are water stick inside it. In my mind, perhaps the water come over the tube while I was taking the shower. But, logically, it is impossible that my Eastachian tube get stucked beacuse the TM ( Tympanic Membrane) or the eardrum is there. Unless the eardrum is torn, then the water might come into it. Wallahualam…

Would you like to know how do I feel now? My left hearing is having a problem hearing clearly noises around the environment. Its quite irrirating, because the Cocklear (see Diagram) is affected too. When we are having a problem with our Cochlear, we will have problem with our PHYSICAL BALANCE. Because it is connected to the nerve and brain nearly in the direct position. Can you see in the picture? Am I right? There are located in sequence and our physical balance is having the problem by time the Cochlear is having a problem. Quite a few times in a day (since I had this trouble/ sickness/ catastrophe 2 days ago) that I feel like collapse. Whoa… By that time, I could imagine and i thought: “Is this what the deafs are experienceing and feel? So, I must be grateful that I am a normal person (huhu, of course before I have the problem with my left hearing.. )”. I should be grateful. It might be that God is testing me and to remind me how ‘normal’ I am as human to live in this world. To show how lucky we are. How lucky we are that we can live on this Earth, as a human being, as a khalifah of Earth… Hmm.. Alhamdulillah ( Thanks to Allah)..

I had gone to consult the doctor in the clinic last night (I first thought to go to the public hospital today, but my parents had brought me to the clinic instead), and he said that maybe while taking the shower that the water comes into my ear and it is hard the water to out that make my current condition. He had given me antibiotics (oh my God, the pills are hugeeeee! Believe me.) and a liquid moist to drop into the ear. Insya-Allah, may this sickness gone with blessings comes to my health. Amin….

~ Positive, Positive, Positive honey ~

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Wexeeda said...

hahaha... u r self-diagnosed ur self...
n i know u will... cause u r ainie.. hihik

it's a good things especially we can learn science and human anatomy. but don't go to deep in it. u might feel very sick because u think it so. cause u know, mind is power tool for make u sick and heal too.. unless u used this knowledge for ur self-satisfied for assure it is okay... (?? wat crap im talking bout??)

cpt semboh ainie... =)

Inia Lurun Sophie said...

well.. i'm keen on diagnosing myself using knowledge that i know.. Alhamdulillah, things going better. I hope that I will be more aware about the health from now. hehehehe..

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