Part Time Workers May Get EPF & SOCSO

In the near future, part time workers in Malaysia may be able to enjoy the benefits of the EPF and SOCSO deductions, something they have been missing all this while.

As the HR Ministry is considering to establish a new regulation, the two benefits will offer additional protection to part time workers, as their welfare and safety aspects have always been neglected in the past.

Often, part timers are always considered the less important part of a company’s business operation.

With the EPF and SOCSO, the workers will accumulate the savings in their EPF (employee provident fund) account and at the same time their earning can be safeguarded in case of any accidents or unfortunate mishaps occurring during work, or during their journey between home and workplace. With SOCSO, temporary injury, permanent disability and death can be compensated to the workers or the beneficiaries.

The move is also considered necessary, as the government itself has given a green light for employees in the civil service to seek for part time employment as a mean to generate additional income for their family. It is a decision that is expected to see an increase of the number of civil servants jumping into the part time bandwagon.

The decision to allow the civil servants working part time was made in June, after the union body Cuepacs made the proposal, few weeks after the fuel price underwent a 40% increase. As part time jobs and work come in various shapes, types and structures, the HR Ministry will soon come out with a blueprint that streamlines the exact requirements and guidelines pertaining the EPF and SOCSO deduction to the workers.

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