Tiring, Hatred, Positive + Grateful. Argh...! (???)

Assalamualaykum warohmatullahi wabarokatuh..

The moment I'm typing out this post, I'm having a day OFF from a part-time job ( or should I say a part-time "training camp"?). I'm currently helping my uncle's business in Shah Alam; so during my OFF day, which is today (huhuhhuhu), here I am in my beloved hometown Sungai Besi... I can hear the sound of the LRT making a way to it's destination. Hmm... I'm quite hungry now... not having my breakfast yet..

All right,.. to be honest, helping out the business of my uncle is not an easy task. It takes responsibility; GREAT RESPONSIBILITIES.... Why was I saying that I'm actually in the "training camp" just now? Well, first thing first, the MAIN reason i choose to make this decision is because I'M TRYING TO PUSH MYSELF TOWARDS THE MATURITY OF LIFE.. to train myself to be a more matured person in thinking and acts. Well, to be honest, i am a very "book-based" person; which means i am a really an academic person. You know, the type of person who love spending hours of time in the library to make readings on psychology, sociology, socio-economics, self-development.... some sort of that (a Nerd whom you imagine inside your mind? You Got it! ;) Aha! ;P ) , which made me having good grades in school and college in particular subjects that fits my multi-personalities. Alhamdulillah.Alhamdulillah... Alhamdulillah.. Praise to Allah upon the blessing of giving me a piece of knowledge to me so far... may the knowledge could benefit other people too, insya-Allah and Aminn.. OK. proceed with our chit chatting (hahaha, chit chatting in blog ha?? :P :)) ). because of trying to put myself into the real world and not the academic world, i'm pushing myself into living and helping my uncle with his business to train my brain, which i realize it is not balanced between the right and the left. (Basically, its the war of my own self, the war within the IQ and EQ of mine too. hehe. :P )

Recently, in three years of time, taking an applied language diploma making my brain keen into working more onto the right side. The Arts brain. (because i started to make random gibberish all of the sudden -- an indicator of lacking of use over the Left brain, the Logic and mathematics brain.hmm..... ). well, literally, though that my personality is majoring into Arts, im keen into balancing the usage of my neurons in the brain. I have read a book of "Membina Imaginasi Cemerlang" by Dr. Tuah Iskandar al-Haj; which had focused into the discussion of topic about the HUMAN'S MIND --- the concious and subconcious mind. The book is about using the tool of MIND towards success in life. The powerful subconcious mind of human... the great potentials of human lie beneath it.Dr Tuah stressed inside the book that human's mind should be balanced between the usage of its two hemispheres brain. It's about the memory. The human memory. Those who use more right side of the brain keen into having amnesia (low in memory, means that it is like a 15-year-old girl having the memory of a 60 year-old granny -- just an example okay..? :> huhu--) . so, thats why i'm so cautious into balancing the usage of my brain hemisprheres.

Thus, i took a decision into accepting an offer from my uncle to work with him, for a while. For some people, they may look at the outer side of the other people and for some too, they like to look down on people. Come on... In this world, in this short world created by God (which you will not live in eternity), having that kind of view (for me) is not appropriate. There's no use of talking over the 'bad things' of the other people. It is much better if one positive his/ her mind and focusing into seeing the good things in people. It will create an inside boost of energy through that positive thinking -- releasing the positive aura around oneself which could reflect positively to the people who is around the positive people. Besides, by thinking good about the other people will make and grow one's heart to be good.. (and maybe WELL MANNERS will emerge after that. Who knows right? ;) ). In this short-living-world, as for my opinion, one should not describe a person entirely over the outer side of people; either physically, appearance, and job with the high-pay-or-not. It is just 2 weeks for me in charge over the customer service and yet, i had met plenty of human behaviours and personalities, dealing with them and observing them and that I can made a conclusion, IF YOU HAVE PUT YOURSELF INTO SOMETHING, YOU MUST PERSEVERE TILL ITS SUCCESS YOU HOLD.


** "If you aspire to the highest place, it is no disgrace to stop at the second, or even the third place." - Cicero.

** "If you would hit the mark, you must aim the little above it." - Longfellow.

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Wexeeda said...

dunt mind wat other ppl thing bout u (if there are)... [watever, rite]... stay focus...

weight wat is good (advantages) or wat is not good (disadvantages), of the action u r doing, by ur own. that is maturity...

stay positive (grateful), ignore the negative (hatred)... all the tired will be disappear (really, heheheheheh)

k ainie... wish u luck....

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