A Little Girl's Nightmare - Part 1

Peace Be Upon You my dearest readers,
Just to write a piece of story,
Where there once was a little girl,
She was fast asleep on her bed,
With a yellowish-white kelambu surrounded her bed,
A cracking noise from the 15 years yellowish short stand fan,
Had never bothered her from the closed-sleepy eyes.
Next to her lie a wrinkled-half century woman,
With her face white covered with the 'bedak sejuk' scented rose flower,
Allowing the little girl fast asleep even more.
At that soothing cold night with tiny rains,
Dropped from the black dark sky with fluffy black clouds,
The music of crickets synchronizing with rain drops,
Playing the music sound of orchestra within the roof.
A sudden "Warrgh!", the lightning came,
The little girl shocked, her heartbeat fast,
Until then that two eyes widely open.
With the darkness around her,
With the hard rain coming from the sky,
Suddenly she felt like being watched,
By invincible evil eyes outside of her bed cover,
The wind blowed by the fan through the white kelambu,
Madeit as if it was a hand from outside trying to catch a thing.
The little girl frightened thinking it was a ghost,
Getting herself closer to the old woman,
Drawing her hand on the old body,
Yelling aloud;
"Granma wake up, Granma wake up!"
And so her granma ...

(to be continued)

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