Wanita yang cantik akan membuka mata lelaki

Wanita yang cantik akan membuka mata lelaki tetapi wanita yang baik akan membuka hati lelaki.

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Suatu hari, dalam sebuah masjid saya didatangi lelaki yang agak berumur dan menceritakan kisah anak perempuan beliau yang darjah 6 yang amat menyentuh hati.

Beliau memulakan bicaranya bersebelahan saya. 

Ustaz...!!!Saya ada 9 orang anak. Anak-anak saya semua hebat-hebat, saya tak bangga langsung dengan mereka kecuali yang ke sembilan ustaz...Saya mula bangun tahajud sebab dia, anak yang ke-9 ustaz ni ustaz...dia baru darjah 6, katanya kepada saya.

Suatu malam ustaz...saya terdengar air, waktu tu pukul 3.00 pagi dari bilik air rumah saya, saya bingkas bangun, saya tengok anak perempuan saya ustaz...! dalam keadaan ambil wuduk, saya tunggu kat luar, sambungnya lagi.

Apabila dia keluar saja, saya tengok dia dan tanyakan kepadanya, kenapa dik...?
"Adik ambil wuduk abah...!" jawabnya.

Kenapa ambil wuduk..? "Adik tak solat Isyak lagi...?" tanya saya pada dia.

"Adik nak solat Tahajud bah..." dengar saja nak solat Tahajud saya diam, saya pun biarkan dia.

Kemudian anak saya solat di ruang tamu, saya tengok dia berdiri ustaz...! lama-lama dia menangis dalam qiam dia...saya terdiam tengok anak perempuan saya menangis dalam tahajud. Waktu mana saya terdiam tengok dia menangis, saya pun duduk dibelakangnya. Namun selesai sahaja dia solat ustaz..., dia angkat tangan, dia berdoa pada Allah. Waktu mana dia berdoa pada Allah, menggigil-gigil tangan dia sambil menangis. Saya dengar dia sebut pada Allah dalam bisikan dia,

" Ya Allah ampunkan dosa ayah saya Ya Allah, dosa ibu saya Ya Allah, dosa keluarga saya Ya Allah. Ayah saya tak bangun Ya Allah, Ayah saya tak Tahajud Ya Allah, ibu saya tak bangun.."
Dia sebut nama saya dalam doa dia ustaz.....!!!, saya datang, saya peluk, saya cium anak saya ustaz.

Saya tanya kenapa adik menangis? " Adik nak tengok abah solat dengan adik, bangun malam dengan adik".

Berjurai air mata saya ustaz...!!!
"Ya Allah anak aku darjah 6, dah bangun Tahajud, tapi aku darjah 44 tak bangun-bangun lagi". Saya kesat air mata dan janji dengan dia, abah akan bangun selalu dan solat dengan dia, beliau kemudian lap air matanya dan menamatkan perceritaannya.

Bila kita diuji dengan penyakit, diuji dengan kehidupan yang susah tak seperti yang lain, kita rasa kehidupan dunia ini tidak adil untuk kita...Kita rasa kurang, bila kita bangun Tahajud, kita rasa hati kita menang, hati kita menang untuk kehidupan akhirat dan kita kenal mana yang kita nak tuju sebenarnya. Dosa banyak mana pun kita, bila kita buat dosa pada siang hari, Allah tunggu malam hari untuk ampunkan dosa kita. Bila kita buat dosa malam hari, Allah tunggu siang hari untuk ampunkan dosa kita. Selagi tidak sampai nyawa di halqum, Allah masih mahu ampunkan dosa kita...Allah.

Kredit :Catatan Rawi

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Business Writing - Enclosed/Attached document

For your kind perusal

We continue our series on business writing by examining more clunky and vague phrases.
What do you do when you wish to enclose /attach a document which the other party has requested? Do your write a covering message like this:
Further to your valued recent request, enclosed herewith, please find a copy of our most recent catalogue for your kind perusal and necessary action.
As per your request attached herewith please find a copy of the above-mentioned report for you attention and retention.
What is the weirdest phrase in both of the above examples? Surely it has to be please find! Extremely common, but weird! That enclosure/attachment is not lost! We only tell people to find something that is lost! It is amazing that this phrase is so meaningless, yet so standard!
Earlier articles of this column have already mentioned certain features which militate against effective communication; two of them are displayed here.
Redundancy: enclosed/attached herewith is unnecessary repetition. If the item is here with the covering letter, then, of course, it is enclosed/attached. If the document is attached, then it has got to be here with the e-mail! In this connection, don’t use “together with” as it is also redundant. The word “herewith”, like “hereby”, “hereinafter”, “heretofore”, etc, is extremely archaic.
Verbosity: How many words do you need? Whatever is a kind perusal? It sounds almost like a sweet little furry animal! Whatever it means, it is way out of date.
Please don’t use “for your further action”; “for your attention”; “for your necessary action” (as if the reader is likely to do something UNnecessary with it!). All of these fail to tell the reader what he/she has to do. If you are sure that the reader knows what to do with the enclosure, then there is no need to write “for your ...”!
What about the word “valued” as in “Dear Valued Customer”? Don’t use it! If you value your customer, show it, don’t write it! One way to show that you value the customer is to take the trouble to use mail-merge so that his/her name appears in the salutation rather than the low-value “Valued Customer”.
A common and risky scenario is when the manager of a department receives an e-mail, decides that his/her downliner should deal with this, so forwards it with the caption: Please do the needful/Please take the necessary action/Please act accordingly.
When forwarding e-mails for other people’s action, always specify the intended action, otherwise the downliner may act according to ... WHAT?
Then how should we refer to a document that we are enclosing or attaching? Consider these.
We are enclosing a copy of the catalogue which you requested. If you would like to appear more joyful, try: We are pleased to enclose a copy of the catalogue which you requested.
We are enclosing a copy of the ______ Report, as you requested.
Notice that these are all written in the Active Voice. It is normally preferable to use the Active Voice in correspondence and the Passive Voice in certain other types of documents.
If you don’t want to appear friendly, you may want to consider: “Enclosed is a copy of the_____ Report, as requested.” This is all in the Passive Voice and creates distance between the Writer and the Reader, but should generally not be used.
Dr Alistair King has over 25 years experience in education and training for multinational corporations and government departments in several European, African and Asian countries. He can be contacted at

Tuesday, 24 July 2012 | MYT 12:00 AM
Source: The Star

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