Practicum: Day 1, 17 June 2014.

Today is much anticipated. I have been nervous about this teaching practice from early of this semester. After final examination subject for today, ended at 10.30am, my fellow practical trainee friends – Hani, Zyah, Maryam and me went straight to our designated school – SMK Putrajaya Presint 14 (1), Putrajaya.
                We were first greeted by PK Ko-ko. The Head Teacher was not in the office today and PK Ko-ko said that the school waited for us yesterday as they said we were supposed to report to school on Monday (16th June, 2014). We told PK Ko-Ko that we are having final examination in university and that we have a letter from University of Malaya saying that we are not able to report to school on certain days during our final examination dates. PK Ko-Ko asked us what uniform unit we took while we are in university. We said that she could assign us with any to help the school. We were told that the school now is occupied by Sports Day that will be held next two weeks.
                Afterwards, we were introduced to our mentor teacher, Madam Hayati. We were briefed about Form 1 and Form 2 OPS-ENGLISH programme, where students have just finished their Speaking and Listening 6 months training. Now that the OPS-English is done, students will learn about normal syllabus. We were told that we will be teaching Form 1, Form 2 and Form 4. There will be 2 Form 4 classes, and other classes will be divided to us. We will be given our schedules later that for this week, which is starting tomorrow, we will be shadowing teachers to classes, and perhaps will be giving hands to sports day event. I remember PK KOKO told us that on the 29th August, one week after end of our training.
                Madam Hayati briefed us about the school like operation hours, that Wednesday is the uniform unit day and toured us to the school compound and to the other teachers in teacher’s room. She also had small talks with us and gave some insights about the teaching world – sharing her experiences being a teacher and teacher’s trainee.
                Basically, though that I’m nervous to do the practical here, I am excited too because this can be said as a new experience for me. My journals here in this blog – I don’t care much about my language structure and all (well, perhaps will do proof-readings later), I’m focusing keying-in my daily experiences in school being the teacher’s trainee –  besides, I need to do other things that requires quite a lot of time too.
Project to do:    (1) Beautify English language corner at MBMMBI section.

                                (2) We have not yet meet with the Principle, perhaps we will be assign a project to do by the Principle – like previous teacher’s trainees, they were assigned to do ‘Kajian Tindakan’.

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