Ikan gapi Putrajaya untuk dijual (Putrajaya: Guppy Fish for sale)

SOLD OUT. Thanks for your kind buy. :)

Salam.. Saya ada ikan gapi (guppy fish) lebih 200 ekor (termasuk yg. masih kecil).
  COD: Fasa 18R12, Presint 18. * Post: Not preferred BUT can make arrangement for the request :)/Selected area only with delivery charge.

· Pakej: RM 5 = 2 jantan + 2 betina + 10 ekor anak. (COD only)
RM10 = 5 jantan + 5 betina (atau 10 dewasa, bergantung kepada stok)
· Dewasa: RM 1.00— RM 1.50 seekor.
· Anak: RM 0.10 (baby) - RM 0.50 seekor.

Boleh negotiate jika pembelian RM50 ke atas.

I have guppy fish more than 200 (including fries) that I want to sell due to care maintenance problem. 
Package: RM5 = 2 males + 2 females + 10 fries/small fish. (COD only)
RM10= 5 males + 5 females (or 10 adults, depends on stock)
Adults: RM 1.00 - RM1.50
Fries/small fish: RM 0.10 - RM0.50. 

Can negotiate for purchases above RM50.

Accept swap (or plus money if no stock of guppy left) for pair/s (male + female) of:

- Grade A/AA Guppy or
- Black Moscow guppy or
- Albino blue dress guppy or
- Japanese Blue Grass guppy or
- Betta/Guppy/Molly fish food 
** depends on prize of the food/guppies to be compatible with the fish's prize.

To book first, kindly make payment to 7601157972 Nurul Aini CIMB Islamik, and email to SMS 019-3926587 details of payment, ie: time, amount paid, account number or others that prove that the money has been deposited into the account. :)
Contact: Inia 019—392 6587/ Facebook:

Other terms and conditions:

  1. Once bought, customers are to be responsible to take good care of guppy/ies bought . 
  2. No refund and no warranty (For postage, if fish dead upon arrival, money will not be returned for postage charge, but the number of dead fish only- if want new replacement/s, custmers are to bear the delivery charge).
  3. Death upon arrival: Need to take photo with the packaging and inform me immediately. 
  4. POstage Important message: Besides from delivery charge, RM3 or above will be charged for oxygen 'purchase' from local fish shop. If courtesy of the fish shop will be cheaper/more expensive/free, it will depends on that. :) Hope they don't charge at all! ;)

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chitomy said...

Ala..abis dahhh

Inia Lurun Sophie said...

Yup, sorry ye. :)

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