My Bachelor's Dream...

Assalamualaikum and hello friends,

We meet again. Perhaps you people is wondering what this post is all about.. ;)
" A Bachelor's Dream"?? Is this post regarding a search for a bachelor for me to marry?? Is this person in the picture "the candidate" of mine? Ahahah.. Nahh.. Not at all.. Hehey.., its actually about my dream of having a Bachelor Degree.. ;)

Basically this very post is about my personal list (well, in order for us to have progresses of our life dreams is making out a list -- this is believed as an effective method of keeping track of your dream.)

Perhaps you guys really would like to know what are my dreams and perhaps you guys might not. Hmm... Never mind.. Though that I'm just a normal person with normal dreams like others, I think it's okay to share our dreams with other people (though that they might not come true). ;)

Basically, my dream is to become a successful housewife; successful in raising the children to become great Muslims, insya-Allah.. This housewife that I dream of not necessarily solely depending on our husband's financially; but of course with the work that we can do at our home basis; and the job that I've always dream in doing since my childhood is being a translator/writer because I think, (and from the novels I've read), this job can be done in the freelance basis at our house. Despite of that, actually I always dream of being an educator/ trainer to people -- don't get confuse here, a trainer/ educator is different with a teacher -- I'd prefer to teach adults/ foreign people about language. So, now I'm dreaming of a Bachelor so that I can fulfil my dreams later on. InsyaAllah...

So, here are the list of programmes that I'm interested to register in:

Scholarship Links for Study Financial Aids:

Hmm.. I guess that's all for today. I'll update my lists later on if I have some amendments to do. ;) So long friends, till we meet again! Have a nice day!

Alhamdulillah, I am pursuing my studies in University of Malaya, taking Education in English.
Inshaa Allah will graduate in 2015. :)

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