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Huhuhuhu.. I have been tagged by Wexeeda ( where I need to tag another 8 persons to answer these 20 questions. These 8 persons need to tag another 8 person.. Huhu... The 8 persons I chose are:

  1. Abyrad
  2. Mykrk
  3. Cikailah
  4. Mimiko Chimi
  5. Arif
  6. khairul87
  7. mahabbah
  8. W4ndie
1. What’s your ambition?
At first I ambitioned in becoming a neurologist. I thought that as I was a critical thinker since primary school and that I really love the science subject, I had ambitioned to be a neurologist, or if I can't be a neurologist, I ambitioned to be a psychologist. Because I love motivation and I love to motivate people too. Haha, I always dreamt of giving motivational talks and speeches in front of audiences since primary school, and that I ambitioned to be a motivator too. ;P haha. Since I don't perform well in working with hands ( I mean I am a 'brain' type of person and less practical type of person. haha. complicated...), I'm keen on involving myself to the field that use more brain than hand. :P

When I entered college, in semester 4, I had suddenly had very keen interest in business that I ambitioned to be a businesswoman. I tried doing some 'experimential business' in college - selling fresh flowers (I was a florist in college :P ) and selling burgers in the dormitory too. haha. there are some other types of business I done too like selling 'kuih raya', and after I graduated from college, I sell some handphone accessories. Quite some experience I have and I really ambitioned to have my very own business operation in a few years of time, insyaAllah and if I still alive to make my dream come true.

Well... in semester 3/4 too, there was a subject of the preleminary/ introductory to Sociology named 'Society, States and Individual' where the was a topic of child abandon- that I was thinking involving myself in Early Childhood Education field as I started to feel my love to little children is there.( I don't like children when I was in secondary school because they were afraid of me and that they speak the truth and not lying. haha. I was not open-minded that time. :P what's the deal, children have pure hearts... when I entered college and made some research for my assignment about the children.. they are actually the most wonderful thing on earth and they are so warmth..). Shall they raised in accordance to the Quran, insyaallah they will become good human (good Muslimins and Muslimahs). Hm... Maybe because of that I now a preschool teacher, as to look at the children practically, and not theorically only based on books (oh my, it's much easier reading than doing the practical thing; those children have plenty of personalities.) ... hehe.. who knows maybe someday I could open my own Kindergarten? ;P

2. Who is more important to you? Boyfriend/girlfriend or friends?
Friends of course. My dearest friends I met since primary schools Ain, Liza, Waheeda, Noridah. They 4 are very important to me and I love them. Friends are important for me, but I could still go on shopping and having pleasure alone. And I came to realize after all of these years that who I love the most is my mum. there were so many things that my mum had done and went through from her birth till marriage. She never rests. Oh Allah, please bless my mum and please forgive her sins... Boyfriends? Plenty I have but for the special boyfriend, sorry, I don't want to have commitment in love relationship right now coz I need to focus on my ibadah, finance and losing the kilogrammes.

3. How often do you think of committing suicide?
Whoa... committing suicide? haha, yeah.. I had thought about this thing quite a lot of time when I was in secondary school (psychological problem with self-esteem but I had overcome it), when I first broke up with my boyfriend in semester 4 - I thought of going down the hill next to the lecture hall that time but thank God my spirit was quite good (believe me, my CGPA was damn bad for me. I can't focus at all in academic. It took 2 years to heal my wound.). Well, after I gone through some business seminars and met new people in life, I can overcome it. hehe. Committing suicide is Haram in Islam. think positive, THERE MUST BE A REASON WHY YOU ARE SENT ON EARTH BY GOD. SEARCH THAT REASON AND YOU WILL FIND THAT THERE MUST BE SOMEONE/ SOMETHING OUT THERE NEEDED YOU TO GUIDE/HELP THEM. (Well, at least currently, we can do our part in making prayer to our Palestianian Muslims from the Israel.. :) )That why committing suicide is not allowed in Islam... (wallahualam..)

4. Do you think you have enough confidence?
Yes. Though that people will think and say bad about me about what am I doing, I will not put myself down in whatever things I do. Though people look down on me, I will never ever will put myself down. YOU ARE WHAT YOU THOUGHT. I'm tired of thinking mercilessly about what people talk / say about me. I know myself, I know what's the best for me, and I put efforts in pleasuring myself and other people too, insyaAllah. Confidence makes someone look beautiful than ever and that in a hadith, it is said that "It is OK if you don't have wealth, and as long as you have confidence, that is more than wealth that you have ever needed" (wallahualam.. I can't recall which hadith was it. Forgive me)

5. How many babies you want?
Ahaha.. I had suddenly have a thought of not getting married. (phobia/trauma). Babies? hmm.. Wallahualam.. Only Allah knows what I have in my mind. :)

*6. How often do you recite the Quran?
Oh my.. I better do something about this no matter how busy I am. For now, I only recite 2-3 times per 2 weeks. I only recite a few surahs while teaching the children how to perform solah. ( You know what, I just knew about an easy system of reciting Quran called Al-Barqy. Children will easily remember and will know how to recite the surahs in a fast way. Why dont you try searching the info about it. May it baneficial to you too! ;) )

7. What is your goal for this year?
To lose weight, to save money, and to make sure I will have knowledge to be given to people in order to expand my knowledge and pahala.. huhuhuhu... That's 3 goals. the question only wants 1 goal. :P haha. breaking the ruleeezzz.. :))

8. Do you believe in eternity love?
Eternity love? Wah.. what kind of question is this? hmm.. NOP. for me it is not love that will lasts forever ( except for Allah's love is until the hereafter), but it is the natural human instincts and desires will create love and will last forever. Human are easily changed. If now one guy said he loves someone, and then later on they two get married, after a few years of time, maybe after they've got some children, if the husband quite irresponsible and less the knowledge and application of Islam, maybe they will divorce. with some factors maybe: money, family matters, sex, trust problem, bla bla bla... (wallahualam bi shawab.. this is just an example and my mumbling upon this question) :P hmm.. thats why i said: its the natural human instincts and desires creates love. hence, if you'd like to get married make sure u prepared yourself emotionally. lower down your ego (especially for guys - SNAKES, THOUGH THAT THEY'RE CRAWLING UNDER THE SURFACE OF EARTH, ITS POWER/ THEIR BITES ARE STILL BE AFRAID OF IN THIS WORLD. IN SOME CASES, THOUGH THAT YOU ARE A NON-POISONOUS SNAKES, JUST BECAUSE YOU ARE BORN AS SNAKE, PEOPLE WILL STILL BE AFRAID OF YOU. means that, though that man (as a good husband) lower his ego in his family, his power will never erased, but he will be more respected by his wife and children. :) -it's not wrong for men to washing dishes, make milk for children etc... ----what I am mumbling about? sorry ya? next question pleaseeee... ----

9. What’s a perfect girlfriend / boyfriend like to you? (List 10)
Boyfriend again? hmm. i don't like the word PERFECT above. no one is perfect in this world right? For me, let it be the list of a good husband and not a 'perfect boyfriend'. :)
  1. Know where and when to lower his ego in front of his wife/children. ( in a hadith/Quran -im not sure-, it is said that --> a truly good husband amongst you is when you are behaving good to your family members ; your wife and children, and not when you are in your working environment. (some husband is 'angelic' man in his office, but he is a 'devilish' husband in his house).
  2. He can be the imam for his wife and children in at least the Maghrib and Isya' prayer.
  3. A patient one. Because sometimes I will not become patient, especially regarding educating my children later on (im quite strict). Can bear my personality of saying or telling out the truth, if i have a thing to say, i will say it straight away. (i will look either its a good time to talk about certain matter or not of course). Understanding and 'giving and taking' is important right? :). Please take note that sometimes, when i pull out my ideas, it will sometimes threaten your ego. huhu.. forgive me that time.
  4. Can support me emotionally and have trust in me either in handling the house/finance but when I'm wrong, please tell me in a good way and not put down on me. Soft is always good.
  5. Soft maybe. Because I realize I am not a typical Malay woman who is soft, or in malay lemah-lembut. I'm quite kasar in household chores. :P
  6. Responsible. Have commitments in educating the children together.
  7. Can go to seminars/ talks together. ( I love spending time to talks and seminars)
  8. Love and like business. I don't want to have argument about what to do and not to do in gaining financial source for the family. Its much better if my future husband is the kind of person who loves reading too. Books i find I like are : Rich Dad Poor Dad + The Cashflow Quadrant by Robert T. Kiyosaki, The Secret of the Millionaire Mind -i dont remember the author's name), Sirah Nabi Muhammad s.a.w The Prophet's Sirahs.. He, my love, will make as much effort to abide the prophet's role in being the father and a husband and a good muslim as possible. While I will make efforts in being like a good muslimah like Khadijah as possible, insyaAllah..
  9. Not only look at my physical appearance but look at my heart. He can be my supporter as my 'lose weight thing' will not be erased till i die. if i have money, no worries, your wife can be as beautiful as an Arabian princess dear.. :P
  10. I don't want my husband to be a smoker. it will affect your genes. Poor mental performance of children will be produced. If possible, I'd like to raise my children to be as good khalifah as possible. May the children will be the blessings to us in the hereafter world dear. (Well... In this modern age, I don't know whether my dreamt husband is still here in this earth. Shall he is here, it is Allah's destiny and fate to meet us. Wallahualam..)

10. What are you really afraid of?
oh, Im afraid of having a ride on a motorcycle.

11.What is your current hate?
a Smoker. A gossipper.

12. Is there anything you wanna tell the people who hates you?
Human have different personalities and opinions. You with your opinion, and me with my opinion upon things. Shall you have dissatisfaction upon what I say/do, please let me know, tell your comment about me in front of me and not by talking at my back. Usually, I don't know you are actually talking about me if you are not straight mention my name, kata orang, kalau awak perli2 saya, kadang2 saya tak perasan pun awak sebenarnya perli saya. saya akan ingat awak just nk berborak. tapi kalu nk straight to the point, personal is personal, kalo benda personal nak publik, itu boley mengundang darah yg tersirap. So, to make this world a better place to live, forgive and be straight to the point ok? Don't make easy judgement upon what people do. there must be the reason why it happen that way.

13. Do you cherish every single friendship of yours?
personally, i don't feel like cherishing EVERY SINGLE FRIENDS of mine. For me, friends are willing to share information and knowledge. and friends tell when you do something wrong and will not let you go further into that wrong doings. Friends alerts each other, together go through the journey of becoming the good people.

14. What is your recent night dream?
I became Sailormoon.

15. What do you crave for the most currently?
The WILLING to jump from the 'E' quadrant to the 'B' quadrant (please read The Cashflow Quadrant by Robert T Kiyosaki if you'd like to know), to find enough capital, GRAND LIVINA + a driving licence.

16. Most unexpected gift you received so far and when?
a surprised birthday party by Ain, Liza, Waheeda and Noridah on 27th May 2007 at Bukit Komanwel Bukit Jalil. Waheedaaaa!! You trapped me to go for the jog saying that you need a 'counsellor' for your problem and I ended up been ambushed by the flour on that hill! that was very nice and i will never forget that time. you guys are wonderful and lovely! (though that my black shirt became all white that morning! ;) )

17. Describe the person who tagged you in 5 words:
specky, science, math, daddy-like, a relax person.

18. What have you done to yourself to make yourself happy?
Have a delicacy of bakery once / twice a month.

19. What will you become in another 10 years to come?
A business owner. insyaAllah if i still alive and have a rezqi.

20. Describe yourself in 3 words :
honest, Soft-hearted, a thinker

Remove 1 question from above and add in your personal question.Copy and paste these 20 question in your blog. Then, you will need to tag another 8 bloggers u know. Have fun! ;)

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Anonymous said...

yesh, we got rite on ur face... hantu putih... mmg ko terkena abes ngn ktorang... planner, mastermind and supporter by aen, leeza n noedah is truly a gud ambushing team made.... hihihihi...

omg, u hving trouble time when clashing with 'tut tut'... sem4 is truly ur 'dark sem'...

ayt ko kt #12, xbleh blah langsung -->"itu boley mengundang darah yg tersirap" hahahaha

pepehal, selamat melepaskan tensen... u'll survive this... Insyaallah...

romzul said...

thanks that u know al barqy better. u can contact me if u or ur friend want to know more about al barqy. just send an e-mail to romzul(at)

Inia Lurun Sophie said...

m.rozul islam..

al barqy is a good modul system of reciting the Quran. i like it. children really love it. its fun anyway that some of the exercises (writing exercise), especially in writing the sin, ha letter, the picture of cute ducklings and a few animals are used. i really interested abaout it! ;)

Inia Lurun Sophie said...

wexeeda, huhuhu...

pasai muka putih, abis diri ini dipanggil 'snow ghost' oleh korang ek? papehal pun, aku tak seterror ko tuk meng'ambush' noridah aritu kat tempat yg sama.. aku tak pandai berlakon macam ko berlakon time nk kenakan aku dulu.. hahahah.. (tapi best sebab aku dapat bekalkan Laksa tuk kiter sumer time ambush besdey nowidah. hahahaha... )

mmg aku ada trouble giler3 pun time tu.. aku betul2 rasa hidup ni macam 'bukan dalam novel & drama'. hm... dapat rasa perasaan pelakon utama dlm novel ngan drama.... tapi skunk alhamdulillah.. aku terima semua dugaan Allah dengan redha, cuma hati ni masih tak sedia terima any special one lar.. huhuhu.. still trauma..

ayat 12 tuh mmg ar... itu tuk sesiapa yg tak puas hati kat diri ini.. memang darah aku tersirap taw. air sirap pun tak se'sirap' darah aku... wah hahahahahaha...

tengkiu for your full support since our secondary school time.. :) hajime kindaichi shinchan tolla ko ni. wah hahahahahahahaha.

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