Narrarive essay SPM

For students who would opt for narrative essay, one of the tips is that you can make your storyline's draft like what you have learnt in even your Bahasa Melayu subject in the literature component. 

In your Continuous Writing question of 1 hour, allocate 15 minutes of writing your drafts. My tips for you in answering this narrative essay question are that: 

1) Create your story's MORAL VALUE first before continuing with your draft in looking for what points to write for your Introduction, Climax and Resolution. 

Example: Moral value = the grass is not always greener at the other side / be thankful of what you have. 

So, based on this moral value, you will now have ideas on what conflicts in rising action and what points towards your Resolution in your falling action  to put as your draft's points. From this moral value, it will guide your storyline and hence without you realize, you already create theme for your story. Well done! ;) You are making an essay with good organizations.

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