My First Domination in Having Betta Fish as Pet.

Breeding Bunga and Lini the Betta Fish

Friday (11 February, 2011)

- Bought Betta fish. One male, five females from Pasar Tani Presint 2, Putrajaya.

- Named them. Bunga (the only male, priced RM5), Lini, Tali Pinggang, Sakura, Unta & Gorila (priced RM5 for five of them).

Saturday (12 February, 2011)

- Bought small aquarium to put Bunga at ease from small space.

- Put Lini in a bottle and put in Bunga’s aquarium to be familiar with Bunga for later breeding.

- Bunga demonstrate the ability to breed by making bubbles on the water surface.

- Prepare 1 gallon tap water in bigger ‘aquarium’(breeding tank) for them . Let the clorine evaporate in air for 24 hours. Its ok to let it evaporated for 4 hours only. Its a 1 gallon tap water, 24 hours should be sufficient for the evaporation.

Sunday (13 February, 2011)

- Transfer Bunga in bigger space. Decorated the breeding tank of approxiamately 1 gallon of water. It seemed that the depth of the tank was 7 ½ inch. Long approximately 50cm , width approximately 30cm. Enough but too large space? Naah, its ok. Its their ‘large Bungalow’ for the ‘marriage’, mua haha (insincere evil laugh).

- Prepare Sakura as a second female choice to spawn with Bunga, put Sakura in the previous Bunga’s small aquarium and provide it with good food. I fed Sakura beef heart too.

- Put Lini after 1 hour Bunga set his territory and familiarize itself in the breeding tank.

- First 1 hour Lini seemed to tail Bunga whever it swim. After a few hours they happily chase each other and my mother said they ‘fight’ each other when I’m not in present. However, I didn’t see the fighting in my observations. Its okay because they need to know that they are capable of breeding good heredities.

- Now I stop feeding Bunga and Lini food during the spawning.

- Spawning should be done 3 days after providing male and female Betta good, quality food range as preparation for days without food during spawning. I was impatient to experiment breeding my own fish pet. :D Haha. My emotion drive that provoked me not to wait after 3 days providing quality food for the future mother Lini and father Bunga that time = ITS ALL RIGHT IF THE SPAWNING AND BREEDING FAIL BECAUSE THIS IS MY FIRST BREEDING TRIAL. AFTER LINI AND BUNGA ‘EXPERIMENT’ FAIL, THERE ARE SAKURA, TALI PINGGANG, UNTA AND GORILA FOR ME.

Monday (14 February, 2011)

- I was curious whether the couple show the sign of suitability to be spawned.

- In my mind, I want to breed the babies of Bunga and Tali Pinggang, not Sakura like 2 days ago. Tali Pinggang looks elegant. It is black and the tail is red in colour. The babies must be very elegent like their mom too.. (my overdreamed imagination of the breeding thingy)

- Dad said Lini was too small to be breed, he advised me not to have too much hope and faith towards this first breeding trial.

- Bubble nest was built upon the surface. It was the sign of courting.

- Bunga exhibited ‘courting dance’ towards Lini.

- Lini appeared interested and spotted sometimes to bue under the bubble nest.

- I was observing to look for signs that eggs has been produced; ie. Bunga will chase away Lini from the bubble nest.

- It looked as if eggs not produced yet since Bunga and Lini happily ‘play’ together and no sign of aggression towards Lini. Well, Bunga seemed to be a ‘gentlefish’. :P Haha.

Tuesday (15 February, 2011)

- To think that the breeding tank was like a ‘pond’ to the baby fish (I afraid the fries will not be able to swim at the surface when they hatch IF the spawning of Bunga and Lini successful), I transfered the bubble nest (as a precaution – maybe there ARE eggs in the nest) together with Bunga to the small aquarium.

- Sakura, Tali Pinggang, Unta and Gorila were put into the so called breeding tank to play and have a roomie place to live together. At first they fight for territories and they exhibited fightings and tail nippings to each other. Gorila was dominant in the group. Sakura appeared the weakest. Tali Pinggang look like a ‘cool’ fish and diplomatic, sometimes looked like a coward and hideous. Unta is an active female Betta fish. Unta is not too agressive and like to play around.

- After transfered Bunga and it’s bubble nest to the small aquarium, I was questioning whether Lini and Bunga completed the spawning process within these days.

- Tali Pinggang was put inside the aquarium first together with Bunga. Foolish but I thought of spawning those two Bettas. :P haha. The objective to put Tali Pinggang inside Bunga’s aquarium was to see whether Bunga is protective towards the bubble nest or not. If Bunga is protective, then it mean Lini and Bunga’s spawning was a success. Bunga looked cool and flared it’s opucula when it approached Tali Pinggang. The flaring was the sign of two things; one – a fighting sign, and two – a sign of courting. I made a self-answer that Bunga was flirting with Tali Pinggang. Then I took out Tali Pinggang and put together with the other females in the spacious tank.

- Lini was put into the small aquarium with Bunga after Tali Pinggang. Immidiately Bunga chased Lini the entire aquarium quite agressively with lots of flaring while protecting the bubble nest . While chasing away Lini, Bunga looked afraid of Lini coming near the nest. Prior to that, Lini were hiding all the time besides the rocks, to be out of sight of Bunga. Now I know that perhaps there are eggs at the nest. I took out Lini and separate her in the medicated tank because it’s skin look pale and torn.

- I tried to look at the bubble nest whether there were eggs on the bubbles. I failed to see them. I decided to let it be, my hope to have own baby fish was like 25% only.

- Bunga seemed restless when alone. I don’t know whether Bunga needs a female or he was surprised to be back at the small space tank.

Wednesday (16 February, 2011)

- I didn’t satisfied with Bunga. I observed quite a long time at Bunga’s bubble nest. Probing with my eyes to see whether or not the bubble next has my hope.

- Yeayyyy!! I saw the eggs! It was white in colour, not buble-clear look but it’s buble-white pebbles on the water surface!

- My hope and happy feeling was like 390%. Yippie!

- Bunga retrived falling eggs to the nest on the surface. (that’s how I realized the bubble nest PREOCCUPIED by my lovely little eggs).

- I spotted that sometimes Bunga tried hard to get something at bottom of the tank. Maybe the eggs fell to the bottom of the tank and Bunga couldn’t reach it. Poor baby fish.. L

Thursday (17 February, 2011)

- When I woke I found out that Bunga was assisting the fries to swim! The eggs had hatched! I was happy. Happy. Happy.

- My dad was surprised, and so do my mom. My dad didn’t believe that I successfully spawned Lini and Bunga.

- It is a crucial stage; will the fries survive within this 2 weeks?

- I went to a pet shop at Presint 8 to buy bloodworms and micro betta food. I bought an air pump for the fries too. It seemed that the air bubbles produced by the air pump was big and frenzy. Its not suitable to be put to the fries of course. They can’t breath and swim at all with the bubbles and frantic water surface. The fries may end up suffocated of air if I put that air pump into the small aquarium.

- Bunga not to be removed from the tank yet. The fries still not able to swim freely without their father’s help. Bunga shall be removed after 2 days or if it started eating the fries instead of guarding them to the nest on the surface.

- The fries began to swim up and down, their first trial to swim. From the bubbles, I could see their tails. It may not looked like a fry’s tail on that bubbles, but when it swims up and down at the nest, only then it look like a fry. ;)

- I tried to count the fry’s tail amount. Approximately 30 tails available within my sight from the bubble nest. Theremight be more fries inside the bubbles. From this counting, if one-third of the 30’s fries could make it to the 14 days/ 2 weeks, it would be wonderful! I’m looking forward into it.

Friday (18 February, 2011)

- Bunga was dedicated to fulfil its duty as a father.

- Now some of the fries could swim horizontally, not vertically.

Saturday (19 February, 2011)

- Bunga is removed from the breeding tank.

- Some fries not been static under their nest, but rather floating at the open area.

- I put some micro food into the tank so that it could trigger their instict to go close sinking objects.

- Sad news. When trying to change aquarium water of the Bettas, I found out that Gorila is sick. Gorila is put into a medicated tank. It hardly swim to the surface, weak, refuse to eat and the skin look pale and has torn. I suspect it might because of the other 3 Bettas, that are Unta, Tali Pinggang and Sakura. Those three females are tremendously ‘friendly’, not fighting each other.

- After put Lini aside with Bunga for breeding, it’s time to put her back with the other female Bettas. For my surprise, Lini picked a fight with Tali Pinggang only. At first Tali Pinggang ignored Lini, but when Lini keep flaring its opula and biting her (after 7 times trial), Tali Pinggang suddenly became aggressive. Tali Pinggang attacked (flared its opula and tried to bite others) all of the Bettas. I was confused. :P just now before I put on Lini into the scene, the tree females showed beautiful mutual among them.

- Tali Pinggang is isolated, so do the sick Gorila. Right now Lini, Sakura and Unta are living harmoniously in the tank. LOL

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