Banged Head!!!

My head banged to a corner of a wall in my lecture class yesterday. It was very painful. I'm feeling like fainted and bleeded, my head was dizzy, but I try to acted like normal.

I was trying to stand up from my chair that time when suddenly I feel that sharp painful feeling on my head. My two friends sitting near me (we were discussing about a roleplay - "A salesperson of iPhone try to initiate a sale to a couple of grandma and grandpa - funny roleplay") laughed at me.

Laugh at other person's pain? :P Is that funny? Though that I'm feeling very painful on my head, they were laughing and only be serious when they saw my frowned-painful face.

"Are you okay Nurul?"

- "No, I'm not okay I guess".

And then I walked to the other corner of the class to look for a place for our roleplay practice. Suddenly my friend said:

"Nurul, are you okay? You look like want to faint..."

Well, I was dizzy. Very dizzy. But I acted as normal, be cheerful as always. Be FANTASTIC and BOMBASTIC as usual. And my friends feel relief to see me in the 'OK' condition. They laughed watching our grandma and grandpa roleplay, and I really glad they love it. haha.

I was home at midnight last night, feeling so exhausted. Walking from Petaling Jaya to Sungai Besi (of course by using the public transport - the LRTs - expecting me walk in that big miles? haha.. Not in that middle of night. :P ). I was so hungry and thirsty. I bought iced-Milo in a stall near my house and when I'm in the house, I prepared myself my beloved Kuetiau Kungfu noodle. Nyum Nyum... This time with squids in my dish. I was so delighted. Hehe.

After I settled down, I consume more than 3 types of medicine - for my fever, flu, migraine etc. and I switched on my laptop to continue doing my report assignment. I didn't realized when I fallen asleep and when I awaken this morning, it was 9 a.m.!!!

I was lateeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!

My class starts at 9 o'clock and I usually get out from my house to travel to Stamford College, Petaling Jaya at 6.45 a.m.


I decided to go to class.

My mobile phone rung when I was in the LRT. It was in Cheras. It appeared "Lina Scicom is calling" on the screen.


"Hello, Nurul. Why are you absent today?"

"Lina, I'm glad you call. I'm on my way, I'm in the LRT right now. I woke up late, is Mr. Jude there in class?"

"Yes, he is in class. We are all doing our assignment right now."

"Is Reen there?" (Reen is my group member of the report assignment. Supposedly, there are 3 members in our group, 1 member is having his Medical leave for a week - German fever he claimed - and its the first time I heard of that "German fever". I sounds dangerous. So, it's only Reen left to finish up the report and I couldn't let Reen alone finish up the assignment. Due date is tomorrow. I decided to go to college though its very late)

"Yes, Reen is here"

"Well, tell Reen, don't worry. I'm on my way to college. :)"

"Ok, we will wait for you ok? Bye."

"Thanks for calling, bye Lina."

I arrived at 11.50 a.m. - exhausted, sweating terribly -

"Why are you late Nurul?". Our class tutor, Papa Jude asked.

"I'm so sorry sir. I consumed loads of medications last night and I woke up late. I'm very sorry sir" - say my words with exhausted tone.

"Okay, relax, relax, take your breaths first. Have a seat first. Your friends are working on the report now."

"Thank you sir".

I walked to the back of the class. Staright, I bring out my laptop from my bag and I switch it on.

"It's good you come to class Nurul." Amy greeted me.

"Nurul, how are you?" Mira greeted me.

"Though that I'm exhausted, I'm feeling GREAT! FANTASTIC Mira! ;) And how do you do?" I motivate myself to be energatic in class.

"Wow, great Nurul! I love your positive thinking! Let's work on the assignment together. ;)" Mira said.

"Sure! Come!"

And its true indeed, POSITIVE THINKING always makes a person's day.
Happy positive thinking all! ;D



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Wexeeda said...

huhu... ur pic scared me...
lega tgk kwn ko ambil berat... seronoknya. i bet u r happy at that course...
nasib baik ko g gak kelas tue kn. better late than never.

take care urself n ur migrane dear.. =)

Inia Lurun Sophie said...

hehehehe... my picture scared you huh? ahahaha.. (that's my point on putting the picture - to scare off people. :P )

Ok la, kawan-kawan ada ambil berat dalam kelas ni. Alhamdulillah. huhu. Better late ek? dasyat ooo.. len kali tak mau jadi camni dah. huhu

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