Tony Robbins motivates you in 20 minutes: TEDTalks

P/s: There are some parts of this video that is not sensored (some inappropriate words/the s***, bulls*** language) which for some people they will feel harmed. Please take note.

Some keypoints from the talk:

To Go Beyond of Yourself - Go To That Dream... Why Haven't You Achieve Your Dream??

- What is your LIFE MOTTO/ drives you to do what you are doing now?
- Human EMOTION , if we know human emotion, we can make anything happen.

*Decision shapes destiny
*Concious and subconcious mind

EMOTIONAL FITNESS & PSYCHOLOGICAL STRENGTHS - different between human being in this world.

- What's your desire/target in life?
- Create system to achieve that.

MAIN IDEA : Emotional mindset is very important in achieving your dream.

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