Inia's Malay Muslim Birthday Testimonial

Peace be upon you LIGHTs!

Well, people celebrated birthdays everyday... Generally, it is good in wishing a person a good wish as what we say can be considered as a prayer and blessings. In Islam, it is good to remind each other about being a Muslim. I mean, though that it is not encouraged in the religious (a friend of mine really stressed and bold this issue to me - that celebrating and wishing a person's birthday is not a Muslim practice), it is not wrong to wish our lovely friend upon the prayers citation upon a person's birthday. Here, I have made a Birthday testimonial to be shared with all of my LIGHTs! ;)

Feel free to wish your friend a Happy Birthday (in Malay, I will make the English version later on ;) ) throughout your Friendster or Myspace or related to the community website. Happy belated Birthday and Happy Birthday to all of you! (and me too of course! ;) )

Copy & Paste “Doa Hari Lahir Untuk Kamu” Testimonial code below to your profile or website

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