Quran or Money?


*Many years ago, on Eid Day, in Dubai, a very Rich Man who had no wife, no children, no other family members, decided to invite all the employees of his Mansion to dinner.*

*He called the staff and asked them to sit at the table.*
*In front of everyone there was a QUR'AN and a small sum of MONEY.*

*After everyone had their dinner, the Rich Man asked:*

*"What would you prefer to receive as a gift: this QUR'AN or this MONEY?*

*Do not be shy, you can choose what you want. "*


*"Sir, I would love to receive The Qur'an, but since I have not learned to read, the money will be more useful to me."*


*"Sir, my wife is very sick and that's why I need more money, otherwise I would choose The Qur'an for sure!"*


*"Sir, I like reading to tell the truth, it's one of the things I like to do, but I work so hard that I never find time to flip through a magazine, let alone The Qur'an. I will take the money. "*


*And as the Rich Gentleman of the villa knew that the boy's family was very poor, he stepped forward and said:*

*"Surely you too want the money, do you not?  So that  you can buy food to have a good dinner at home and buy new shoes? "*

as for him, surprised everybody with his answer:

*"It would not hurt to buy a turkey and other tasty food to share with my parents and siblings. I also need a pair of new shoes because mine are very old. Even so, I will choose The Qur'an, because  I have always wanted one. My mother taught me that the Word of Allah (SWT) is worth more than gold and that it is more tasty than a honeycomb."*

*After receiving The Qur'an, the boy immediately opened it.  He found TWO ENVELOPES inside.*

*In the first, there was a CHEQUE  that was 10 TIMES  higher than the money on the table.*
*In the second, there was a DOCUMENT (Will)  that made him (whoever would choose The Qur'an), the HEIR to all the wealth of the Rich Man!*

*Faced with the Boy's emotion and the astonishment of the other servants, the Rich Gentleman opened The Qur'an 5:23 and read aloud so that everyone could hear:*

*"...And put your trust in Allah if you are believers indeed."*

*The fear of God  Almighty is pure, it subsists forever;*

*The judgments of Allah (SWT)  are true, they are all just.*

  *They are more precious than gold, than a lot of fine gold; They are sweeter than honey, than the one that pours rays.*

*May Allah (SWT) give us Wisdom and help us always make the Right Choice.*

So what do you Choose? To share this story or Ignore it?

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Care for our kidney

A Ghanaian Medical Officer in the USA has sent this through to help each and everyone. Please read and take care of yourself. Dr. Okyere.

The rate at which  young people are suffering from Kidney disease is alarming. I am sharing a post which can help us.
Please read below:


Barely two (2) days ago, we all received the news of the demise of the Nigerian actor as a result of kidney disease.
ALSO OUR MINISTER OF PUBLIC WORKS, the Honorable Teko Lake is currently in the Hospital on life support with Kidney problems. I want to show you how to avert this menace of kidney disease.


1. Delaying going to a toilet. Keeping your urine in your bladder for too long is a bad idea. A full bladder can cause bladder damage. The urine that stays in the bladder multiplies bacteria quickly. Once the urine refluxes back to the ureter and kidneys, the toxic substances can result in kidney infections, then urinary tract infections, and then nephritis, and even uremia. When nature calls – do it as soon as possible.

2. Eating too much salt. You should eat no more than 5.8 grams of salt daily.

3. Eating too much meat. Too much protein in your diet is harmful for your kidneys. Protein digestion produces ammonia – a toxn that is very destructive to your kidneys. More meat equals more kidney damage.

4. Drinking too much caffeine. Caffeine is a component of many sodas and soft drinks. It raises your blood pressure and your kidneys start suffering. So you should cut down the amount of coke you drink daily.

5. Not drinking water. Our kidneys should be hydrated properly to perform their functions well. If we don’t drink enough, the toxins can start accumulating in the blood, as there isn’t enough fluid to drain them through the kidneys. Drink more than 10 glasses of water daily. There is an easy way to check if you are drinking
enough water: look at the colour of your urine; the lighter the colour, the better.

6. Late treatment . Treat all your health problems properly and have your health checked regularly. Let's help ourselves...God will protect you and your family from every disease this year.

(3) Avoid these Tablets, they are very dangerous:
* D-cold
* Vicks Action-500
* Actified
* Coldarin
* Cosome
* Nice
* Nimulid
* Cetrizet-D
They contain Phenyl Propanol-Amide PPA. Which
causes Strokes & Are banned in USA.

Please, before deleting, HELP your friends by passing it..! It might help someone. Fwd to as many as u can.

WhatsApp is free, soo..frwrd it plz..please read and forward this.

Doctors in the United States have found new cancer in human beings, caused by Silver Nitro Oxide.
Whenever you buy recharge cards, don’t scratch with your nails, as it contains Silver Nitro Oxide coating and can cause skin cancer.
Share this message with your loved ones.

Important Health Tips:

1. Answer phone calls with the left ear.

2. Don't take your medicine with cold water....

3. Don't eat heavy meals after 5pm.

4. Drink more water in the morning, less at night.

5. Best sleeping time is from 10pm to 4 am.

6. Don’t lie down immediately taking medicine or after meals.

7. When phone's battery is low to last bar, don't answer the phone, bcos the radiation is 1000 times stronger.

Can you forward this to people you care about?
I just did.
Kindness costs nothing But Knowledge is power...

**Note from Copy & Paste from WhatsApp for information purpose only. Author does not responsible for any harm caused by ensuing the advice above.

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Dear friends and family,


*PLEASE SHARE* this message with your family, friends and groups!

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Thanks for sharing 🙏🏻

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Tuntutan Kepada Orang Beriman


Tuntutan Kepada Orang Beriman

عَنْ أَبِي هُرَيْرَةَ رَضِيَ اللَّهُ عَنْهُ عَنْ النَّبِيِّ صَلَّى اللَّهُ عَلَيْهِ وَسَلَّمَ قَالَ مَنْ كَانَ يُؤْمِنُ بِاللَّهِ وَالْيَوْمِ الْآخِرِ فَلْيُكْرِمْ ضَيْفَهُ وَمَنْ كَانَ يُؤْمِنُ بِاللَّهِ وَالْيَوْمِ الْآخِرِ فَلْيَصِلْ رَحِمَهُ وَمَنْ كَانَ يُؤْمِنُ بِاللَّهِ وَالْيَوْمِ الْآخِرِ فَلْيَقُلْ خَيْرًا أَوْ لِيَصْمُتْ

Dari Abu Hurairah RA, Nabi SAW bersabda: "Barang siapa beriman kepada Allah dan hari Akhirat, hendaknya ia memuliakan tetamunya, dan barang siapa beriman kepada Allah dan hari Akhirat, hendaklah ia menyambung tali silaturahim, dan barang siapa beriman kepada Allah dan hari Akhirat, hendaknya ia berkata yang baik atau diam." (HR Bukhari No: 5673) Status: Hadis Sahih


1.  Memuliakan tetamu adalah antara syarat orang yang beriman kepada Allah dan Hari Akhirat.

2.  Menyambung hubungan silaturahim dengan kerabat adalah tanda orang yang beriman kepada Allah dan Hari Akhirat.

3.  Tanda orang beriman kepada Allah dan hari akhirat juga apabila bertutur atau bercakap, ia akan bertutur sesuatu yang baik dan mendatangkan pahala (termasuk sesuatu yang ditulis dan di forward).

4.  Jika sesuatu yang akan dituturkan atau yang ditulis dan di forward, mendatangkan mudarat dan keburukan, lebih baik kita berdiam diri. 

5.  Muliakan tetamu dan sentiasa menyuburkan tali persaudaraan dan menyambungkan silaturahim.

Ambillah peluang sempena Syawal untuk mengeratkan silaturahim dengan ahli keluarga  melalui kunjung-mengunjung sesama kita. Jadikanlah tuturkata kita sesuatu yang berfaedah dan mendatangkan pahala.

#Fitrah Lebaran Memacu Perubahan#
#Malaysia Menuju Negara Rahmah#
Pertubuhan IKRAM Malaysia Negeri Johor

21hb Jun 2018
07hb Syawal 1439H

Utk dapatkan 1 Hari 1 Hadis Pertubuhan Ikram Malaysia Negeri Johor, sila klik link di bawah :

Ingin menyertai 1 hari 1 hadis dalam bahasa English? Sila klik link di bawah:

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Nasihat Sayyidina Ali

Sayyidina Ali bin Abi Talib  telah berkata:

Simpan rahasiamu berdua saja:

1. Dirimu
2. Allah swt

Jagalah di dunia ini dua keredhaan:

1. Ibumu
2. Bapamu

Mohonlah bantuan ketika susah dengan dua hal:

1. Sabar
2. Solat

Jangan risau dua hal ini:

1. Rezeki
2. Ajal

Kerana keduanya berada di bawah kekuasaan Allah swt.

Dua hal yg tak perlu diingati selamanya:

1. Kebaikanmu terhadap orang lain.
2. Kesalahan orang lain terhadapmu.

Dua hal yang jangan dilupakan selamanya:

1. Allah swt
2. Alam Akhirat

Selalu dekat dengan 4 orang ini:

1. Ibumu.
2. Ayahmu.
3. Saudara lelakimu.
4. Saudara perempuanmu.

Empat orang ini janganlah kamu kasar kepada mereka:

1. Yatim
2. Miskin
3. Fakir
4. Orang Sakit

Empat hal yang memperindah dirimu :

1. Sabar
2. Tabah
3. Tinggi ilmu
4. Dermawan

Empat orang yang hendaknya kamu dekati:

1. Orang yg Ikhlas
2. Orang yg setia
3. Orang yg dermawan
4. Orang yg jujur

Empat orang yg hendaknya jangan kamu jadikan teman:

1. Tukang bohong
2. Tukang curi/rasuah
3. Tukang hasut
4. Tukang adu domba

Empat orang ini jangan sampai kamu tahan kedermawananmu terhadap mereka:

1. Isterimu
2. anak2 mu
3. Keluargamu
4. Sahabatmu

Empat hal yang hendaknya kamu kurangi:

1. Makan
2. Tidur
3. Malas
4. Bicara berlebih2an/gosip

Empat hal yang jangan kamu putus :

1. Sholat.
2. Qur'an.
3. Zikir.
4. Silaturrahimi.

Kirimkan artikel ini kepada orang yang anda sayangi ✋

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Subhanallah Good Ending I Believe

From the FB of MaryAnne Gooi on 15/6/18:

Alhamdulillah, I witnessed something really special today.

It all began with our receiving a call for help this Eid morning - a Chinese convert to Islam (in his 30s) had passed away last night and since none of his family members were Muslim, they weren't sure what to do or how to arrange for the funeral.

A Muslim funeral and burial should take place as soon as possible after a death. Oh dear, it was Eid so many people were away and the deceased was located out of our locality - where were we to find people to help? A few calls later, we still hadn't found anyone to help on our end but Alhamdulillah we were told that his friends had managed to get everything arranged and that the funeral prayer would be held after the Friday prayers. So off we went to attend the funeral prayer, still worried if there would be enough people to help carry the casket and so on.

And then, what unfolded was immensely moving... It showed me how if one keeps his commitment to Allah, Allah can arrange a beautiful ending for him even seemingly against the odds.

Here was a young man, who had not a single Muslim relative, and it was Eid so presumably all his Muslim friends had left town or were busy with celebrations. Bad timing? On the contrary....

1. He had passed away just a few hours after completing a whole month of fasting and worship, in a state of spiritual purity inshaAllah.
2. He had passed away on malam Jumuah - a blessed time.
3. His death was sudden, without pain and those who washed his body recounted how clean and easy it was to wash him.
4. His family, though not Muslim, all came to the mosque, dressed respectfully - though visibly sad, there was no drama or wailing. Just calm, collected and respectful.
5. His mother spoke lovingly of how he had looked forward to Eid and how he had even secured a place to perform Hajj this year.
6. The funeral prayer was held right after the Friday prayers - so this man, despite having no Muslim family members, was prayed over by droves of people seeking forgiveness for him.
7. He had just passed away slightly more than 12 hours prior, and yet everything had been quickly and smoothly arranged, without any hiccups. What a relief it must have been for his family, left to grieve without having to fret over funeral arrangements.
8. So who arranged all this for him? He used to frequent the mosque for prayers and had made friends there, some of whom were also neighbours. When they heard of his passing, they postponed their Eid plans and got down to quickly arranging and ensuring that everything went well. Imagine that! Instead of being  understandably "too busy" with Eid celebrations, they dropped everything to be there for their brother.
9. Unlike some funerals which are arranged by funeral professionals who are ultimately merely strangers, his casket was carried by friends and neighbours. 😍
10. At the burial, his colleagues of various races turned up and his boss even helped lay the casket into the ground.
11. Funeral expenses - his employers took the tab!
12. His family watched the burial, surrounded by people who loved their son/brother, just as they had.

So there it was. A man who was unmarried and without children, who had not a single Muslim relative who could pray for him at the funeral or who knew the first thing about arranging his funeral. But Allah had made all the plans for him and it couldn't have been any more beautiful.

#CopyandPaste from Sahabat Hidayah Centre PJ's WhatsApp on June 18, 2018 @ 9:02 A.M.

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