7 Basic Grammar Rules

Hello :) Throughout my teaching of English as a Second Language tutor/teacher since 2009, I found out that this '7 Basic Grammar Rules' somehow beneficial to students regardless of levels: be it for UPSR, PT3 and even SPM/post-SPM. All thanks to a lecturer during my college year who taught us this seven basic grammar rules. Of course I couldn't remember exactly how the notes my lecturer gave that time looked like 100% and I innovate the contents a little ;) - based on my memory, I hope that this 'tips' would be somehow helpful to my students.

In my private and group lessons to low to high intermediate proficiency English as a Second Language (ESL) students, I found out that this funnel approach of teaching from general to specific lesson could reinforce and strengthen:

a) Basic understanding of writing and sentence structure.
b) UPSR: basic writing and grammar (for Paper 1 & 2).
c)PT3: Error Identification section, writing and English Oral Examination.
d) SPM/post-SPM level: Rational Cloze, writing and English Oral Examination.

In my tutorings, I prefer to teach the students this  '7 Basic Grammar Rules' during first few classes and repeatedly teaching it again during the whole tutoring lessons with the aim to build up strong grasps of basic English - apart from customised lesson organisations catering for individual students' need.

Kindly refer to the picture and explanations below for basic understanding. (click the picture for bigger viewing) 

SVA = Subject-Verb Agreement.

In one complete sentence, there are at least one subject and one verb.
Example: Sara[subject] smiles[verb].

Rule 1: Singular Subject takes Singular Verb.

Example: Ali[Singular subject] likes[Singular verb] to play hockey.

Rule 2: Plural Subjects take Plural Verb.

Example: Ali and Raju[Plural subjects] like[Plural verb] to play hockey.

Rule 3: 'to' must be followed by Base Form.

Example: Datuk Lee Chong Wei loves to play[Base Form] badminton.

Rule 4: Modal Auxiliaries must be followed by Base Form.

Example: "Please teacher, may I go to the toilet?" asked Leeya.

Rule 5: 'do/does/did' must be followed by Base Form.

Example: Did you know that the 3 most common languages in the world are Mandarin Chinese, Spanish and English?

Rule 6: 'is/am/are/was/were/has/have/had' must be followed by Past Participle.

Example: "Have you taken your dinner, Alan?" asked Mrs. Smith to her son.

Rule 7: 'be/being/been' must be followed by Past Participle.

Example: Justin is being followed by a lamb.

This note is for future revision/reference of students/ me too. Hope this simple note is beneficial to this blog's readers as well.

For further enquiries on private/group English tutoring/tuition/workshop from me, Teacher Nurul/Miss Inia (Putrajaya/Kajang/Puchong/KL/Cyberjaya), kindly contact (WhatsApp preferred) +6019-392 6587 or e-mail . English tuition UPSR / PT3 / SPM / post-SPM (pre-university/adults). Tuition Putrajaya . English Tuition . English Tuition KL . English Tuition Kajang . English Tuition Cyberjaya.

My humble education background:

  • [2016] Bachelor of Education of Teaching English as a Second Language (B.Ed. (Hons) TESL, UM): University of Malaya, Kuala Lumpur.
  • [2008] Diploma in English Communication (major in Business Communication): Kolej Profesional MARA Indera Mahkota, Pahang.
  • [2007] MUET Band 5.
  • [2009] A Graduate of a professional course (BTEC Level 3) from an academy certified by Edexcel, London.
  • An enthusiastic person with the subjects of the English language, entrepreneurship, fun & education.
  • {UPSR 1999: 4A {PMR 2002: 7A {SPM 2004:3A (BM, Math, Pendidikan Islam – Science Stream).

" When you have knowledge, it would be wonderful to teach others. At the same time, both student and the teacher learn and know more and more about the knowledge. Learning is a lifelong process indeed."

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